Any business is welcome to visit our group, we are always looking for fresh faces. Rochester Referral Network membership is exclusive to one member from each profession.

We meet at the Back Nine Bar & Grill, 3500 East Ave, Rochester, NY. Get directions here.
Our schedule is:
10:45-Open Networking/Greeting Visitors
11:00-Meeting begins with Introductions & Networking Education
11:15-60 Second Speech-This should be a rehearsed ‘Elevator Speech’ about your company and what kind of business you are looking to do. Visitors will go after the members are done and are not allowed to ask for referrals.
11:30-Weekly Speaker-This is either a guest speaker or member who takes about 10-15 minutes to feature their business, background story or new service. At the end we open it up for Q&A.
11:50PASSING REFERRALS!! The best part of the meeting!

Meetings also feature weekly reports on how much profit our referrals are generating, how many referrals are being passed, attendance and any other special announcements.

Membership is $100 a year. This covers printing costs for promotional materials for the group, website fees, room dues, new membership gifts, and rewards for contests within the group (ie, who can pass the most referrals in a month!).

We have recently waved our quarterly fee. Members and guests can order off of the menu at the restaurant and will receive their bill at the end of the meeting.

Visitors are allowed to attend 3 meetings before joining. If you would like to join (DO IT!), just ask for an application and submit it with your pro-rated membership check (made out to ‘Rochester Referral Network”).

We expect members to come weekly. 4 absences are allowed each 6 months. We do allow subs. A sub is someone that is filling in for a member that week. When you get a sub it does not count against you as an absence. In short, either you, or your sub must come to the meeting once your company becomes a member. The face to face networking that takes place each week is essential to our success!

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