What is credibility all about, and how does it apply to my business?

There are several layers of credibility surrounding your business, and let’s list and describe them.

Financing – If your business has a credit card or a bank loan, the bank finds you have credibility and that’s why they loaned you money.

Suppliers – Suppliers find you have credibility if they will accept a purchase order and ship you the goods while they wait for your payment.

Business-to-business – Other businesses give you credibility as they do business with you.  They trust you will deliver a reliable product or service.

Peers – Your peers give you credibility by asking your advice and trying to emulate your business and practices.

Clients – Your clients give you credibility by paying you for goods or services.

You credibility can be effected by something as small as giving a client a thank you gift.  The right gift will keep them coming back, whereas the wrong gift can make them think you are insincere.  Jeffrey Gittomer gives an example of how he gets to know the customer a little before sending a thank you gift.  The example he uses is if a couple has small children, rather than giving a bottle of wine, he gives them children’s books.  Make sure your gifts improve your credibility.

D. Brent Walton is owner of photography by db walton and author of 25 Things Business Owners Do To Undermine Their Business and How to Avoid and Correct Them (available at  Walton is one of several members of the Rochester Referral Networker.  His business web site is


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