Three Commandments of a Referral Network

Three Commandments of a Referral Network

In case you missed our meeting today, our educational moment dealt with our referral section of our meeting.  It is important to keep it positive.  Yes, kudos to the speaker are nice, testimonials about  members you have done business with are nicer, testimonials from other clients even nicer, but referrals are the tops.

Here are Three Commandments of a Successful Referral Network:

  1. Be Loyal – Be loyal to the group by considering them the premier business in their field.  Show your loyalty by giving them referrals — even if it is a self-referral.  Self-referrals are a good way to learn about the other business.  Nothing is better than a satisfied customer.  Become customers wherever possible of members of the group.
  2. Be Trustworthy – When you receive a referral from a fellow network member, they trust that you will follow up.  They trust you will provide a great product or service.  They trust you will treat their referral as a golden client.
  3. Be Positive – Strike from your vocabulary, “I don’t have any referrals this week.”  If you do not have someone to refer, say something positive instead like, “I hope to have a referral for so-n-so next week,” or “Right now this is just a lead, but I’d like to talk to so-n-so about it after the meeting to see how I can turn it in to a referral.”

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